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Custom 3D Phone Cases That Tell Your Story


When past customers were asked why they got a case, here was their response

Kate Remembers Her Roots

"Moving away from Arizona was a really big turning point in my life. I grew a lot in the process but thinking about my where I grew up and what I learned there keeps me grounded. I love having this case as a reminder."

Jacob is a Beast

"When I realized I was wildly overweight, I set a goal to fix that and conquer the Grand Canyon. I accomplished that goal and bought this case to remind myself that I can do anything."

Ivan Added a Gem to His Space Collection

"Watching Space X launches are what inspired me to become an aerospace engineer. I can't get enough and love seeing this on my desk at work."

Rachel's Dog is Always With Her

"Honestly I’m probably far too obsessed with my dog but I seriously love being able to feel the fur and features of his face. There’s something really satisfying about it."

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